Can't stand it when devs who never bother to do anything / don't pull their weight etc. suddenly come out with:

"Ooh I'm really feeling the imposter syndrome right now, I feel like everyone around me is just leagues ahead of me and I shouldn't be here"

...then wait for everyone to tell them how amazing they are, how they're a critical part of the team etc.

No mate, imposter syndrome is a thing, but so is being a genuine waste of everyone's time. I'm not talking about having bad days, I'm talking about your work output being practically zilch for the past half a year or so because you're "not too familiar with the framework", then going after this pity party approach. As a senior dev, it's kinda insulting to all the great junior and mid level devs who do a better job while being paid considerably less.

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    I remember sitting next to a good kid in bootcamp.

    He asked the instructor "what if ... we are half way through the class like we are and I just can't imagine doing this all day".

    I actually sat with him at lunch that day and in an unrelated conversation he asked about my previous job, I indirectly told him a story about how some jobs just aren't for some folks and that some of life is all about figuring that out.

    I don't know if he got the hint or not... but I sure as hell wasn't going to tell him he was good or anything.

    Good kid, but just maybe a bit immature / coding wasn't his thing at that point. Maybe later tho.
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    I'm really annoyed with the constant "impostor syndrome" tags people make. If you really believe you're fucking goddamn incompetent, why would you say you have this? Or maybe they are so lazy and stupid that they didn't bother searching for the meaning or couldn't understand it. I hate people who fish for compliments. If you want to rant and feel sorry for yourself, go ahead, let it out. But stop leaving these hints that people are supposed to say good things about you now.

    Most of the posts are from people who truly don't know shit but hey, tag it as "impostor syndrome" anyway because boo hoo hoo, "I'm a tortured genius." They never learn either because they never accept that they truly don't know shit and has to work on it.
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    I want to think that this is akin to having mental related problems. The people that do have it do not make it a personality trait and constantly post about it. Normalizing things is one thing, but making it your only topic of conversation is yet another which makes me NOT believe you.

    "OMG my anxiety this" "I couldn't cuz of my depression" "omg my ADHD this" <---- most people that give me this have not been properly diagnosed with said mental illness by a trained professional, yet they see similarities with the people afflicted and go on about shit, this in turn makes normalization of the concept an invalid point: shit has been normalized to the extent that people don't believe every asshole that says something about it.

    Concerning imposter syndrome, I would say that a lot of working professionals have it in multiple stages, and just go on about it without making a big deal out of it, but in here it seems that every 2 weeks dev newb things they have it, no homie, this is for pros
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    @AleCx04 CONTINUED

    This is for pros, what you have is a lack of knowledge and understanding, which is fine, but does not account for imposter syndrome, talk to me when you are in it 15+ years and somethings think "maybe I am really not that good" etc etc

    15+ was a random number so don't take it as a significance of how long one must be in, it could be 2 years in or 1 or 5 I don't care. My point is, most people thinking about this would not post about it or make it a thing.

    And then there are the shitty deluded developers like what the Sauce man said, they are not imposters, just useless cretins
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    @rutee07 @AleCx04 Yeah definitely. I'm pretty convinced at this point that if you *think* you have imposter syndrome, you probably don't. Most people who genuinely have it *genuinely* think they're doing rubbish, not fit to work where they're working, etc. and will argue as such no matter how many times they're presented with evidence to the contrary.
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