A very cool overview of several recent studies of the COVID 19 pandemic on software developers. Taken from "A Tale of Two Cities: Software Developers Working from Home During the COVID-19 Pandemic" by D. Ford, M.-A. Storey, T. Zimmermann, C. Bird, S. Jaffe, C. Maddila, J. Butler, B. Houck, and N. Nagappan. https://arxiv.org/pdf/...

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    The problem with these studies as for assessing the effects of wfh on devs is that they strictly assess them on a short term (as implicated by the dates these researches were carried out). Long-term effects may differ significantly. It could be beneficial to replicate these studies now, as we are a year into covid-19 restricted world.
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    Every assholes that said stuff like "I cant walk around the room and see what everyone is doing" or "I can't just walk up to someone and ask Something" should burn in hell...

    Stop distracting me, just fucking don't. That's not a challenge but a perk of remote work...
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    @Hazarth Some companies have a light bulb: licht on - don't disturb me. The clever bit is that the light goes not only based on your daily planning but also on how you type etc. This started as a research project at University of Zurich (Manuela Züger was the primary investigator), has been evaluated at ABB and now it is being commercialised by Embrava https://emea.embrava.com/pages/flow See one of the authors talking about this project https://youtu.be/WEME8man_rk
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