Two years ago, heavy burnout stopped me in tracks :( And it sucks! Big time! Along real medical issues I am having, I have even worse one - non existing long term concentration and I hate that. HATE it.

Reading documentation was a bore before, now it can be painful. Trying out something over and over until solution is found was fun (most of the time) - now I need many recuperation breaks. Keeping up and managing padawans was interesting and challenging (to say it mildly) - now I know that part is over (it would be too much).

But! I did start coding again. Just for myself, without any real stress of project deadlines. Still find it engaging. So - that is cool :) But I do need to be wary of old ways. Few hours of work with many hours of free time - not the other way around as before!

So, sorry for a bit odd rant here but it is coding related and a real issue.
I just needed to say this and get it off my chest.

To conclude - please - manage your work & free time carefully. Burnout is not just annoying - it is freaking dangerous for both physical and mental health!

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    Glad you found a balance that works for you. Engineering should never suck your soul.
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    Got burnout 5 years ago, and almost killed myself during that time. It took me half year to be able to get back to work.
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