Hey guys! I was working as a programmer for 3 years now, but I don’t have any diplomas or anything to prove that I can code. However I soon want to relocate from my country, and I was thinking about this: Is it a problem that I don’t have a diploma, or just the acual work experience would be enough for me to get a job abroad?
How is it in your country?

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    Depends on where you're moving to, but generally a diploma shouldn't be the first thing people look at. I'm not in a managerial position, but if I had to hire people, I'd much more look at what they've done before and what they can do in practice (should be evident from a 1 hour technical interview) than what they have in terms of diplomas/certifications/whatever. Moreover, contrary to popular belief, I don't think a GitHub account full of projects is the way to go either; of course I'm judging by looking at myself here, but I don't expect that a lot of people will have 1) non-proprietary projects they've worked on for their job and can freely show or 2) that they should necessarily code in their free time and/or that this would be indicative of how they work.
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    Until you are moving to Germany. Here you definitely need a diploma (Papiere in hand).
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    @Biggy Thanks, I won't be moving to Germany in that case :D
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    Work experience is generally the most important I think
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