So I've been working with heavily data centric applications for 15 years or so. And I must say moving our data warehouse into the G Cloud was the worst idea ever. No tooling, everything is barely working, debugging is a nightmare.

If you are thinking about it, just don't.

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    I'm curious, what your biggest pain point about having to work in the cloud?
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    @kunashe Not being able to tap into the infrastructure. If there is something flaky on the google end (we're using BigQuery for example) there is no way to really confirm it. Also I have to write data transformation operations in a shitty editor in the browser. And a lot of things are missing. E.g. If you want to fetch execution logs for your central logging infrastructure you'll find there is no way. Wtf.
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    @linoio what I find even more frustrating is when the flakyness is intermittent.

    You end up spending time looking into a problem not caused by you. Which after a while just disappears. And it will be the same thing next time when those "special conditions" occur and you start by checking your own process.
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