Guys have you ever seen a good project? Or at least heard that there somewhere exists a project that isn't a complete shit to work on.

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    In my experience i haven't encountered such project. :(
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    Been very up and down in my career. Worked for a startup that was amazing, it went under and then I worked for Satan's cousin.

    Left Satan's cousin to go work with a team of Cletus (from the Simpsons) style iOS developers.

    Then went to work for a large companies new team, small agile, each of us have autonomy on our projects (to a point obviously). Been there since and honestly it's fantastic, projects are cool, use all the new tech we want etc
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    It's always a good idea to start the search by lowering your expectations.
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    @flyingbangtan mate my expectations are somewhere in Mariana Trench.
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