Windows 10 , I just want a flipping built in command line executable to log off another (local) user. I'm not a server, I don't have active directory, I don't want to switch to log in as that user first, i want to just kill their inactive local session because cisco freaking vpn doesn't allow you to connect when a other user is logged in. I can kill the session from admin task manager, I just want to be in the commandline. If your gonna let software check the number of logged in users, let the freaking administration modify the number of logged in users with a cli.

Idk if I could turn it off an on again. On a server I would just issue "query sessions" or "query users" followed by "logoff ##". Why not let me do the same damn thing on my home computer sk I don't have to restart MY SESSION just to close MY WIFE'S session. You stupid fraking company that cannot provide consistent command line programs across various systems. SCREW YOU MICROSOFT AND YOUR UTTER ASANINE DECISION MAKING REGARDING WHAT FEATURES TO INCLUDE IN WHAT BUILDS.

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    Err... It's called PowerShell.

    Use Jason Slobotski's answer here. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/...

    I haven't tested it, but it looks like it should work.
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    @drRoss no that won't work, because consumer windows 10 doesn't ship with the "logout" command which the answer uses. It is part of the "windows nt 4.0 resource kit supplement 2" but as far as I could find, this kit is not available for free download and is only available to those with a license of windows server or who were subscribers to tech on the net cd service(and even then it's not clear if it would even work on windows 10 desktop). A license for Windows desktop doesn't get you squat.
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