That moment when you decide to look why Vim's regex rules are a bit inconsistent and find out this program has a setting called "very magic".

Today is a good day.

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    +1'd for the commitment.
    had my fill of vim.
    those memories are on the same shelf as bad dreams...
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    @bad-frog Well, I'm the kinda guy who uses Vim by choice. All day. It's got it quirks but at least it's not driving me insane. And doesn't feel like steering a stranded oil tanker.
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    @deadlyRants wow. you sure are a special kind of person. more power to you.
    tbh the only use i have for ide's is the find and replace function and shuffling lines around.
    could do it with vim too, but just am too lazy to config vim to my liking.
    as for the bad memories, i had to pass my exams on vim w/o config or anything.
    guess you could say the experience left me with programmers ptsd
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    Vim has 4 regex modes IIFC, mainly very magic and nothing are worth it
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