I dont get it. Please give me one good reason to use mongoose with a mongoDB.
Once upon a time it might have made sense to use a schema for the db. Today the native driver supports schemas and can check them on inserting. Nevermind one should validate the data before its hitting the db. I listened to an 1hr podcast last week where one of the maintainers tried to give reasons why its might be a good idea to use mogoose, and he failed miserably.
It introduces dependencies that are useless, it doesnt really abstract anything useful from the native driver, its TS support is shit and I dont like the API.
Every time I see someone use it he either fails or doesnt explain at all why to use it. Its so redundant it makes me angry. We have enough abstraction already. We really dont need more code that doesnt provide value. Please just use mongo the way the people of mongoDB intended it to be used.

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    Agreed 100%

    This upsets me about Node. As it stands one can actually develop really powerful apllications without the dependency circle jerk that is provided in Node packages. My only reason for initiating npm on a project is basically the package.json file in which I can add scripts to run it, update version numbers and etc.

    I get that people want to introduce libs and stuff for others to work, this in itself is admirable. But one can really get a loooooot of traction by just using the standard mongo driver for node. Boilerplate code for this can be abstracted by a skillful developer on a per project basis and there are enough resources to introduce best practices without the need of mongoose and its fuckload of dependencies.

    I am guilty of using it when I was starting with node. But now? I really don't use it that much.

    This is what makes people dislike the Node environment, dependency circle jerk.

    Javascript hate asside that is. Which I love JS btw.
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