Fuck our new project manager.

Literally all she does in her time is schedule meetings for others and send us emails stating that X needs to be done by date or why are we delayed with Y. Then she even manages to completely screw us with the meetings she schedules.

Today I woke up to seeing a beautiful gapless column of colorful rectangles in my dairy.... for today. And last time I saw this Monday it only had 2.5 hours of meetings!!

Now a lot of us from our team had the Friday afternoon off so it may be that she did this beautiful piece of artwork during that time, in which case she could somewhat rightfully say that we should have taken a look at it. But we actually have a convention to only schedule planning meetings for Mondays which these fucking aren't and even if she hadn't known this, who the fuck schedules a ton of meetings to Monday?! from a Friday afternoon?!?!

By the way the new pretty pink and orange meetings I have today are about actually important topics in between which I would normally appreciate to grab a tea or at least use the fucking restroom. Officially I only have a 45 minute lunch break all day.

Oh and naturally she sets up the meetings as organiser so that we can only suggest her new times and can't change it on our own.

But naturally PM lady never actually attends the meetings because she wouldn't understand shit. So when my fav female colleague, Sammy and I joined our 11am meeting, the first thing Sammy said - well after I greeted her by "wtf" - is to just leave the call on while we grab brunch.

So here I am sitting in the close by park with my brunch and thought I could use the now extended lunch break time efficiently by ranting my ass of and asking you guys why the fuck such people like our PM get paid.

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    I don't think you wanna know how much the absolute evil of PM is getting paid.
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    Unless you are PA to someone arranging meetings that you are not going to attend is the most pointless thing I might have heard of.
    Especially for PM that just feels like wanting to look busy and control people. I would start to decline certain meetings with suggestion that we will setup the meeting ourselves and invite you as optional.
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    @teapot 100% that is what she thinks she is doing.
    From time to time she does show up, mainly if it involves multiple teams or managers, but other times she is an "attendee" just so that we to turn up.
    I think this is complete bs because you should not need to be encouraged to attend meetings at work lmao.

    I unfortunately can't tell that to her. At least not yet. More senior people are trying.
    But normally I do cancel/propose new times, but I just can't do that when it's over a fucking weekend.
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    Seriously company needs to hire a proper PM .... They rather waste the investment on arsehole than invest in actual effective employee...
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    Keep rejecting meaningless meetings.

    Keep estimations in hours, and then do work only when there are minimum 2hours-long blocks of time of uninterrupted work.
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