The feeling when you didn't spot what the error was here:

int x = 0;
int y = 0;

for ( ; y < rows; y++) {
for ( ; x < cols; x++) {
//Dafuq, only does one line?!

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    I can't really see anything without looking at the arrays you are indexing through.

    I am guessing that cols and rows are reversed?
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    x doesn't get reset after the first iteration of the outer loop, so it stays equal to cols and the inner for loop's test fails every time.
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    Why set x and y before the loop?
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    Interesting coding style making scope that large.
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    Oh! God, how did I miss that?
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    @deusprogrammer that's why I rant at people who depend on heavy, formal code review to prevent defects. 😂
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    @deusprogrammer i really hoped someone else would miss it too!
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    @siksniraps On the question why one would declare the variable outside of the for loop, some C compilers will complain if you don't declare it before the for statement. But as to why I didn't set it in the for loop... Who knows, sometimes we're just stupid, aren't we?
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    @yamatoman I'd love to have someone like you review my code at my 05:30 busride when my spare 20 minutes of personal coding takes place 😁
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    @siljamicke tests, not manual review. 😂
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