Mac still not working after giving it a chance. Got told by apple that I had to reset my operating system and i did. Still not working. Guess who has to drive 3 and a half hours one way to get to the apple store

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    *insert comment saying this would never happen on windows/linux/beos/amigaos here*
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    Dude don't worry, it will be in the hands of "Geniuses"
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    Apple sucks!!!! Apparently im a moron to them and don't know anything at all. Computer overheats but that isn't there issue.
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    @ChlorideCull Mac is not an operating system ahum
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    Buy a Mac. It just works!
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    3.5 hours? If I had to drive more than 15 minutes I'd bring it to the local computer shop instead -- or just do it myself. Except it's a Mac so the only option is to bring it to the Geniuses® for anything but the most trivial of things.

    It's not that Macs suck, at least not most of the time. It's that you're so damn dependent on them that makes people hate the brand.
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