So I just told my manager that I want to resign my job.

I have decided to accept the offer from a German software company. First time working overseas, full of uncertainty.

I don't know I am excited or nervous now.

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    Just curious, what are your reasons for changing?
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    Best of luck mate. Can't really give any advice but I hope it works out.
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    @theredcameron I quit because there are not much I can learn. I go abroad because I just want to try it before getting too old.
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    @kavenc we welcome you!
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    Germany is great, you'll be fine, don't worry :)

    As a neighbor (Dutch), I can't not recommend going there. The only potential issue is the German if you don't speak it, since not everyone speaks English, but you can probably get by with English well enough.

    If you need anything, there's always devs around that wouldn't mind to help a fellow dev. Just post!
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    Wish you the best of luck! I've worked in a different country as a consultant. The only advice I got for you is patience. The first months sucks balls but as times goes one, the cultural differences starts to be a minor thing, the language barrier vanishes and your coworkers will get comfortable around you. I believe that this will be an awesome life experience!
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    Are you interested in chatting with people from Germany like me?
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    Best of luck man
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    @rebelt2i Yeah sure, more friends in Germany is exactly what I need. Maybe I can teach you Chinese if you would like to learn😀
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    @luc- I don't speak Deutsch, for now. I hope I can learn at least some words for daily life as soon as possible.

    It makes me feel comfortable to know all of you are with me here.
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    Then contact me on Telegram: @rebelt2i
    or via mail: dangarusse@gmail.com
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    @rebelt2i Protip: you can use https://t.me/rebelt2i instead of using an @ which would link to another profile on DevRant.
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    Thanks :)

    This time it is not a problem because I have the same name here...
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