AM BIOS: "Hi, I am your new Kaby Lake Motherboard. Nice to see you on my first ever run. I have seen that you have some disks attached to me. They must be new because I am ....Let me initialize a raid on them."
Me: o0 (W)ell (T)hat's (F)antastic!*

* Finished restoring a 6TB Backup to my raidz mirrors this morning at 6am, fuuuuu**

** Kaby Lake Rocks nonetheless

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    Kaby lake has barely anything different to skylake, honestly just a cash grab from intel... Cant wait for ryzen
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    Might be. But I am upgrading from a 4xxx and the difference is huge. And since I don't need a gaming CPU but one that offers lots of power with as low TDP as possible I don't think the Ryzen will offer much. We'll see. Since it is targeted for gaming I cannot imagine there will be something like a i7-7700T with 50% lower TDP for example.
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