I have a discord server where I'm writing the bot. I'm making games, utilities and other activities.

It's a very small server because I have not been actively recruiting players, but if you would like to join, here is the link. I would be happy to make some devRant commands and integrations.


Right now, we have Blackjack, connect 4, crossword, and trivia. There's also a "stock market" where you buy shares of other players (rather than stocks).

It's early. There's some stuff to do but I'll admit, not a ton just yet. Maybe a few bugs, testing team is considerably small. But it is good fun and I am actively working on it. Maybe join and play while you're "working" from home :)

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    I have an idea of making a website for playing online multiplayer game.
    Traffic is usual on such website
    How was that?
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    I just joined. I'm not too active on Discord at the moment, but I was curious :) !
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    Can you explain that stockmarket thing? Sounds interesting.
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    @nitwhiz Sure! I actually just added it yesterday.

    Each player has in-game currency they earn by playing games, use to bet in Blackjack, etc.

    A player's balance is used as their price in the market.

    You can buy a share (partial shares area also supported) of a player using "!market buy <@mention user> <amount>", which adds it to your portfolio "!market portfolio".

    When that player earns more money (this would be like a stock appreciating in value) you can then sell your share with "!market sell <stock id>"
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    @AlgoRythm that's quite cool actually, nice one!
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    This invite is outdated 😕
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    @vintprox I realized that after a few weeks :(

    The perm invite link is https://discord.gg/QvkY9T8r3B

    Also found on https://glutenfree.games
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