So, no homo, but how weird it would be if i ask my senior that weather i could sit with him on call and just see him do his code? 😅

That guy is awesome, he gets so big tasks , yet his files and changes are limited to just a 2k - 3k line changes. and he is fast, his takes half as much time as i do twice big tasks. and he has been in the company for 2 years and he is still an year younger than me.

I wanna know how people approach to problems and what is their reaction when they see something they don't know; and how much time they go on playing with the problem , before they give up and ask someone else

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    I don't think it'd be that weird, maybe set it up as pair programming but that you'll probably have nothing to say.
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    If you leave the word no homo, which is btw pretty dumb anyways, it's a regular co op.

    What's your problem... Asking doesn't hurt, maybe you'll learn from it?
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    @IntrusionCM yeah was just kidding :p . btw if you were my senior, what would be your response to last para questions?
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    I would fucking hate it because the number one thing that makes me productive is that people leave me alone and I can actually think.
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    @Fast-Nop Yeah same I don’t do well when people are watching me. I start to loose focus
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    I'd ask him to record himself programming (screen + mic), just watching him live might make him a bit uncomfortable and distract him.
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    Usually I tackle unknown problems by two methods - Pomodoro for time tracking, Mikado for changes.


    Both in a modified way I guess. Long time since I read the ebook on Mikado. XD

    Pomodoro not in a strict manner, but I work at most 2 hours on something.

    After some time you don't even need the timer anymore - you start looking at the clock, to see if the time frame has been exceeded or not.

    Reason for the time frame is that it prevents mismanagement...

    If I can't get a solid plan out in 2 hours, it means my approach has failed and isn't working.

    Overtime isn't allowed.

    When the 2 hour limit has been reached, I usually make a longer break.

    Then start from scratch by dividing my previous work till it works.

    That's related to planning.

    But you can easily adapt it to coding, too.

    Make an estimate of how much time you'll need for XY. Do it. If you need to work longer, take a break, afterwards split off the "solid" part (releasable) from the rest, commit and start again.

    It takes time getting used to it.

    But as my job involves a lot of "playing nanny" (as in getting disturbed because of smaller or larger problems and having to tame the kindergarten... *grin*) it's way easier.

    The visualization and documentation helps, too.

    At some point I started writing some sort of diary - as in readable for others - because it' was necessary most of the time anyways.

    Documentation / Diary is a separate timeslot, of course.
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    I would love it.

    I've had in the past setup our conference room and have my employees watch what I am doing so that they can ask questions etc.

    I also encourage them to question what I am doing, makes me know how well I understand the subject.

    I normally prefer if I am left alone, but can be a complete teacher/showman if i need to.

    cuz I have big pp energy

    So not weird, ask and tell him that you want to learn, a good senior should respect that even if "ewww iWaNNa bE aLone"
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    @AleCx04 pp energy....


    Now we're back to porn or what is pee pee energy?
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    @IntrusionCM I normally use the phrase when dealing with something that normally takes balls, skill, etc to do.

    pp as in pee pee as in dig bick :P
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    @AleCx04 wow. My intuition wasn't off.

    But a tiny lapse in interpretation *ROFL*
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    ‚so, no homo‘??? WTF? 🙄
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    Tell him to record his coding session, maybe he wouldn't mind and you can learn thing or two
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    @danielstaleiny what if he jacks off every couple hours.
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