Forget about committing often and end with multitudes of changes. Which then leads to writing a generalized commit message.

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    I prefer commits with intent and sauce, thank you very much.
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    @vintprox the sad part is that even I like it that way 🤦‍♂️
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    @-devpool- People keep bragging about perfect commits and frequent ones, that one extreme or another will serve just well. Utter nonsense, I say. If you don't want your version control system and pile of shit commits to get in your way, but also not get carried away by perfectionism, you've got to stick to some golden mean.
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    I use a lot of git features, frequently.

    I have never cared about commit history cleanliness.

    There's some pitfalls to consider, but other than that... It matters magnitudes less than code cleanliness.
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