I generally like to separate changes into as many commits as is reasonable. That way I can go back and see how, why, when and what was changed, along with meaningful commit messages.

But sometimes...
Git add *
Git commit -m "changed lots of stuff"

God I hate myself.

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    I had 484 changed files that I commited before going on holiday with some generic message (took over an hour to commit them all) came back from 3 days off to them all being merged. Still picking up the pieces now as the only testing I'd done was did it compile
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    @njpugh90 ahh the good ol "I'm sure it won't segfault. After all, gcc compiled fine."
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    Just like any other dev
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    @deadPix3l yeah I had that lol
    Tracking down float to long double conversion issues right now :(
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    git commit -a is a lazy dev's best friend.
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