Started learning COLEMAK today, hard but still a lot easier that I thought it was going to be!

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    genuine question. you said enough to make me curious.
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    @bad-frog I'm not OP, but people say that QWERTY is far from being the most efficient layout, that's why there are alternative ones (although I haven't tried any myself... yet).
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    @bad-frog I'm going to be building a new split keyboard for myself in few time and seen as that's me working towards bettering my typing habits, etc., and a lot of what @kamen expanded on; I thought I should also pick up a fitting layout.
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    Hey! That’s awesome. Keep it up!
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    I made the switch one year ago. I'm way faster than I ever was on qwerty, although for people that were already very fast on qwerty switching to a better layout might mainly increase comfort and lower the risk of injury. Good luck!
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    lSwitched 2years ago to dvorak, Speed is 80wpm but the comfort is soo good. I have split keyboard too :)
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    I don't only type in English so Dvorak is better for me.
    Unfortunately it still doesn't work for me. The typing itself is indeed more effective but I use a vast amount of hotkeys and they are clumsy in anything but QWERTY. Shotcuts are harder to unlearn/learn as they are patterns in the brain.
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