so its probably the wrong place to ask, but how do those ceos and top management able to run big successful startups while being surfing and all that shit?
I am a son of a small shopowner, and the biggest rule i have seen that works in business is the need of a trustworthy manager and honest/reliable labor. manager is mostly the shop owner(my dad) or their most trusted ones ,because they have to keep tabs on labor , the cash box and make orders for raw material . and labor is someone that works under the manager , and should be reliable, not taking much leaves, able to do multiple chores, should have a reasonable salary expectation etc..

But when scaled, how come the management and labor structure becomes so efficient that manager can go party on beaches while his company is minting cash for them?

On a side note , just saw a post from AOC claiming that labors don't need billionares, but billionares need labors . now , am not american and i really like AOC, but is that really true?

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    What is AOC? Art of Charm? Probably not but in one episode, the host shared a story about the first job he had. He always wondered why one guy is so important to the company and gets paid a lot although he never sees him in the office and are always somewhere in Hawaii or other beaches. When he talked to him, he found out that his job was actually to go out there and bring in clients. He does the networking and all that, talks to rich people on vacation, etc.

    Not applicable to all though.
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    So workers will fund and pay themselves from whose money?

    No, everyone plays a part in society. Not every person should be a billionaire nor everyone should be a worker. This difference is what makes a functional society.
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    1) wtf is the AOC
    2) wtf are you doing on Twitter
    3) wtf!
    4) peasants need money, where do you think they get that money from?
    5) peasants make money for the rich, at multitudes of their own worth to the rich.
    6) it's the circle of life
    6) wtf is the AOC? They seem to sell monitors.
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    @rutee07 @COD4 Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez , she's either a US democrat law maker or just a hot loud chick or sometimes both
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    @devjesus a congresswoman who always bitch on twitter.
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    They hire more people to do the work for them
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