Me at promotion interview (modtly a formality) last year

Q: why do you want to be promoted?
Me: so that when I say something, people (team mates) will take me more seriously

Now: either nothing has changed or I'm getting ignored even more

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    Pointing a gun doesn't work? Or wear your best bitch face.
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    I recently took a demotion for pretty much this reason. If they're not gonna listen to me then might as well just take my tickets, do my dev and not worry about larger things...
    Some people just don't work well with others...
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    @Bikonja well I'm not taking a demotion per se but probably going to be looking for a completely different team after this covid and some personal health issues settle down.

    Nice thing about my manager is he is very flexible with time. Which is strange/nice sunset I'm the highest paid dev on the team...
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    @Bikonja this is so underrated, thanks so much for highlighting this.

    It seems that's the only way to make some managers appreciate the value that you were providing.
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    New fancy rank can't make the people you're already working with listen to you more. But the new hires will because of the expectations
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    @Hazarth haha, funny, that's exactly what we did, hire someone new. They're actually listening to him even less because they don't know him, they at least knew I was good so there was some respect at least. With the new guy they're more apprehensive, although I'm sure that will change with time.
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    @Hazarth @Bikonja new hires do 1-1 charts with everyone on the team. Even before my promotions apparently everyone mentions me as the "technical guy".
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