Had a talk yesterday about crypto and blockchain... Including NFTs... In that you could use real money like now to buy digital goods except you can transfer them and show them off anywhere online.

And well I'm suddenly wait... NFT + VR = Virtual worlds like Sword Art Online and Accel World....

Now we just need neurolink to work and then we'll have VR pods.... Like in the Matrix....

And then robots and machines will rule the world...

Oh fuck...

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    No. NFT have nothing to do with vr
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    @iiii They could, and that’s the point he was making. In this scenario you can purchase digital goods via NFTs, and you are able you show these off anywhere online, such as in VR.

    Think global support for vanity items, but they don’t need to be vanity.
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    I don't get it. You can purchase virtual goods already. I have bought games in steam before and my account has an uuid generated somewhere in a database that uniqely identify that purchase.

    What the fuck is with this wheel reinvention?
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    @Hazarth @iiii

    So in the future, all games will be VR, but not just VR glasses but you login by via a brain link device so you get all 5 senses and basically feels no different than reality.

    So you have a modded car that you bought in maybe GTA or some racing game.

    And let's say you play Second Life. You can transfer/import your car as an NFT into Second Life and drive it around.

    Sort like those AR games where you buy like trading cards and then use their characters in the game by scanning them.
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    Yes, except we can already do this without paying for it.

    Even if you disregard any model importing issue because of "brain magic" you can't disregard game design. (Oh look, I brough a tank into this fantasy rpg)... Not to mention if the game dev wants you to be able to bring in new models and functionality this also already exists, for free... It's called mods?

    Oh and trading? Sure, no way there could be trading of virtual goods without NFTs right? Like for example Valve games, which already has a literal functional market for items dropped in their games? Which they could also allow you to trade between games *if they wanted to* ?

    Seriously, you're talking about moving ones and zeroes around, but with extra steps, why?
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    @Hazarth well yes you can argue that but just look at Coinbase... Or food delivery apps...

    They're service fees are insane... But ppl still use them.

    Pay-walls... Used to be free... Now not.

    Some with open source... You got MongoDB or Elastic... Started out free.... But have addons that do a lot of the work but cost money...

    AWS... built on a lot of free tech... I think they were saying they're forking Elastic before the license change.

    NFT... sell a tweet for $50 million

    In the end it's all about finding new ways of making money... And then convincing everyone that they can't live without it.
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    Most things start as free but just... Then some one comes along and mainstreams it, making it shiny, easier to use, promising they'll add better security, etc...

    But then also add on a 50% service fee...

    Like app stores...
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    Or Linux... Enterprise do not just download open source Linux to their systems. They sign an annual support contract with RedHat or other vendors and pay them huge sums to make things easier.
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    Why did MSFT embrace open source these few years.. They can say they want to be supportive and not open but we know that's not the whole story... There's a lot of money to be made from things that are free...
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    @Hazarth also that uid can be stored on a blockchain ledger as well.
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    @donuts you're wrong. All games won't be in vr.
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    @Root the most stupidly capitalistic idea I've ever heard. 😐

    Or is it capitalistically stupid? 🤔
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    @iiii tell that to the masses... And the game makers... I bet the big companies will.

    To me NFTs are completely pointless and I never buy or care for changing my avatar
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    @iiii 10 years ago I think they were saying pc and console games won't be on mobile...

    Wow most franchises have a version in mobile now

    Then also Genshin Impact... Cross platform..
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    @donuts you're saying it as if we don't have a choice being the mindless monkeys that we are, and must follow the lead of our smart money hungry overlords.

    This being devrant, I expect this community to be the few people that actually understand how wrong this is...

    We're literally the ones building these databases n shiet. Keep it together got damnit. Let the masses know that this is BS from the perspective of a skilled engineer instead of following their lead of complience
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    @donuts tell what to the masses?

    Vr won't be a widespread thing in our lifetime. Period. It's clunky, bulky and available only to rich enthusiasts. And porting everything to clunky vr is unprofitable.

    Very far from most franchises have mobile versions. Mobile market was and pretty much is a pile full of shit and will remain that way, because that shit sells somehow. But big and attention worthy games aren't there and won't be there because controls on mobile devices are mostly just weird and janky touch screen controls with which you cannot make anything decent without sacrificing a lot. (Genshin impact on mobile is a clunky shit with clunky touchscreen controls)
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    @iiii never said this would be in our life time but there with is being set...

    Just like climate change.... Honestly most of the environmental impact will occur around 2050... I'm on my way out if not already gone by then.
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    *that seems to be where things are going
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    @iiii I thought this was all hypothetical. 🤷🏻‍♀️
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    @Root for our generation, it is but all signs seem to be pointing in this direction.
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    Litmus test for “likely” — Is it possible? Will it make things objectively worse Will it make the corrupt people richer? If these are true, it’s pretty damn likely to happen.
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    @Root hm...

    it's in the works

    So that's a yes?
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    @donuts That’s a yes. :<
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    @Root well, yes, but it's still ridiculous 😄
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    @iiii Absolutely.
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    I don't mind living in the matrix because I'm tired of managing my life (kidding ... or not?). In general, this is an interesting concert, I did not think about it. I've only seen MyImpactPower as new projects, but I think it can work with any type of charity. When it comes to VR, I think it is actually applicable, but I doubt it is possible in the near future. While the world treats cryptocurrency as an MML, what about the development of intercommunion?
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