Most of my classmates sucked. No message, no connection requests, no exchanging smiles(even when I do). Now that I got a job and updated that on LinkedIn, everyone suddenly wants to know how I am, If I am doing good in this pandemic and that they are happy for me following with “Where did you get the job” and “If you can refer me”.

Suckers, Fuckers.

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    Same thing happened to me when I became a millionaire.

    Not a true story, I am not a millionaire. But it's the same principle - people have no god damn shame! I had someone contact me out of the blue, asking how things were going just to follow up with "could you go to Facebook and click "like" on a new book that I have published?
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    @devdiddydog ... or once your YouTube channel hits 100k subscribers... I don't have a yt channel but that's how I imagine it...
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    @M-Martensen ... or once you come out of the closet... everyone wants to offer you ass... I'm not gay but that's probably what happens.
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    A grand classic ! Just don't help them :)
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    @jak645 I won’t
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