there has to be a special place in hell for people who don't set their mobile phones to vibration while in office.
no john, latest tv show theme song as ringtone is not going to make you cool. you are just disturbing others.

something i (we) don't have to face in remote work. multiple folks around my seat had their ringer on.

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    Be the person to ruin it for everyone else do no one else can use their ringer. Set your ringer as the ole bill gasm webm and crank up the volume.
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    I don't mind the ringing.. unless the said person went on a break..and didn't take the phone with.. :/
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    @sladuled that's very zen (like) of you
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    @sleepless yeah.. I have my moments.. 🤣🤣🤣😇
    It also helps a lot that I'm always connected to my headphones...so it's a minor disturbance unless coworkers actually start yelling about the ringing phone.. 🤣🤣🤣😇
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    Nice story)
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    Nice story)
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    I don't mind if it's not on hearing aid volume and on DND during meetings.
    We use a system so you can pick up the company line on your smartphone. That makes it hard to ask for ringer off. Volume to space/isolation radio is key though.
    Are you in an open space?
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    @hjk101 yup open space
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    @sleepless yeah that's fucked up
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