My elementary IT teacher whom I owe all my enthusiasm to introduced me to MIT Scratch, and I found the concept of chaining dumb operations to accomplish tasks fascinating. Later I learned c++ which I hated vehemently for a couple months until it clicked. After that I studied C#, which I managed to use for over a year before realising what copy by reference actually means. With that realization my understanding of programming languages was essentially complete and since then I have only learned techniques and tricks and languages that add few new ideas, and I don't expect anything to fundamentally change my understanding of programming. All of that was 5 years ago BTW.

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    Try shader programming, it's a hell hole on its‘ own ;D
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    I had prepped to lay Scratch on a high school girl at the computer lab I ran. Had the robot dance ready as a demo etc .. And she never came back. Had been a regular.

    You might try a member of the LISP family and create macros. Be way different.
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