What do you think about my sibling observation today (he/she is not in software):

- if you want make money in any company, deal with all the shit: incompetent co-workers, shitty management, unreasonable deadlines, misinterpreted Agile, no test coverage, etc.

- if you want to grow and develop yourself: join some easy startup or make your own app/project

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    That's pretty inline with my experience tbh.

    But there's only so much shit you have to take for money too.
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    Start from the second option. If you are lucky, it will change to the first option when enough time passes. You can then jump to option two again.
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    Disagree. You learn a LOT by working in an existing company, even if for a short-ish while. You can always leave and start your own thing later, but imo you should start by working in a system to see how stuff is done at scale. The problem with self-starting is that you have to figure out everything by yourself and you don't get good mentorship usually.
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