A developer is conducting a trolly and has to choose between killing 1 person or killing 5 people, what does he do?

He jumps out of the trolley and lets someone else deal with it.

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    Why not kill all 6? No people no problems.

    trolly conductor problems require trolly conductor solutions.
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    The decision is pretty simple: As you shouldn't kill people, whatever is the actual course of the trolley is the correct course when changing it would also mean to kill people. Except when you are in a survival situation and some of the people look more tasty than the others...
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    Nobody speaks of just stopping the fucking thing.
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    Nah, he tries to fix the brakes.

    Management give everyone a pep talk, then jump off. Ops look, shrug, and complain it's a dev thing before jumping off.

    HR meanwhile constantly distract the devs by insisting that, before fixing the brakes, they need to complete mandatory inclusivity training.
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    @Frederick seen it before, THANK YOU.

    That kid makes me have hope for the future.
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