Uni assignments can go and eat a bowl of dicks.

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    I'm not a Uni assignment but may I join as well?
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    @alexbrooklyn the more the merrier.
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    "PleAsE wRiTe yOuR cOdE oN pApER "
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    @10Dev I have to write it, then copy into a word document.

    This module normally has a written exam as the final assessment, due to COVID this is open book at home, but that’s not until June.
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    @10Dev I had a fairly old teacher who always told our class to be happy not to do the exam with punch cards, which he had to do. Guess he was right. At least you REALLY think about the code cuz writing it is awful
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    My students submit their source code using our GitLab because I like to compile it. Written description is limited to main functionality & features.
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    We do have to write working code, we have to use a Java ide designed for education and submit the completed projects with the paper.
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