"docker-compose is already the newest version (1.25.0-1)" after apt-get upgrade docker-compose. Actually there is 1.29.1 which includes the bugfixes I wanted, but apt seems to prefer the buggy version for stable LTS Ubuntu at least. Wasted 3 hours with seemingly broken repositories until I found out.

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    I know that feeling - I experienced it during the period when Docker was going through major changes (stuff being added and/or removed without any backwards compatibility being in place) and with docker-compose playing catch-up you had to flip between versions forth and back as well as change how some of the configs are written until everything worked.

    Getting the Git version manually installed was also better than dealing with repos.
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    Ubuntu package manager is shit.

    Same for most distros.

    I always install docker and all its tools directly from source because of this.
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