Part of the problem, So many dev's here know the real problem with OS's governments and 3ed party apps happly spying on you and making there EULA to so called make it right for them to do it.

I want to know why so many dev's are portending this is not happen or why they not caring, you become part of the problem if your willing to work with the problem and there rules and guide lines.

WE dictate the future of tech not one company or another the people that create the software are the ones can make a difference, the users need to be educated and the dev need to take action now.

I loved this site at first but now I hate it I really do as so many posts are just blind or follow evil companies/software so on this is not how it should be, I wont accept this bull shit anymore and I not going to say quite to show the mass I going to follow them.

Step up and do something about it or stop calling yourself's dev's your part of the problem, you have the a gift and know how to help everyone do it and prove your worth.

I am really sorry I know some here do research and try and help but I rarely seeing it at the moment, things need to change, its not going to be easy but only the dev's can change this and soon, soon all OS's/software companies will get the feeling governments are on there side and governments what this so they have a back door in to WHO you are. FK the or if you have nothing to hide, EVERYONE has something to hide, compaines have already used Facebook Data to fire people working for them as they feel they shouldn't have to have someone working for them who likes or does XYZ,

Open your eyes people, small time dev's are not really included in this but big time dev's that do know how to work around these problems should be working on this to stop these problems, hardware venders are also a big problem but that's not something we can do anything about yet.

I know this rant will go on death ears to some, others will think I am over the top nut but if you really want to make a differences let's here it, lets get this world back on track, its not going to be easy but it we can do it.

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    First of all:

    "It's okay to have an opinion but it's not okay to hate something"

    Government are collecting data for a reason. In this cyber world everything is connected and big crimes are formed over the internet. It's essential for them to collect data and track behavior pattern to make sure you're not going to do something bad.

    Now I understand some people won't like this. If you really don't want anyone to track you, simply get out of internet. If you are on the internet, you will tracked either by MS, Google, Apple or your ISP.


    Get a VPN, install linux with the least vulnerable shell, use duckduckgo, don't use services like Steam or anything else.

    The way the world is moving right now, to make people's life better, data collection is crucial. You can't really stop it.

    True that this data collection can be used for bad purposes. But that has happened with every technologies. Everything will have it's good and bad sides. Unfortunately, the world has to progress.
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    And no we don't need to collect any data to about our users to offer a good service or app that is fkin bull shit, collecting data part from what could create a crash what the end user would be submitting not something we take by design, no dev/ no company and no user has the right to the data now collected on every human online or using a OS that is connected to the internet even for update, and Microsoft as gone the next stage to spy on you via P2P via there OS's what when will connect to the internet and pass it on, if you think that is right give us a real comment and reply about it some hard evidence to back up that kind of bull shit.

    There is no progress in evil actions, open to the point and does what it says on the box is what is needed, there is NO need for 1000's of internet actions a PC does when your not even on the internet, when your not doing a online action only a simple ping and maybe dns look up now & then should be down, but ideal windows 10 does 1000's of actions.
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    @Rexzooly let me first help you with your attitude:

    Stop calling everyone random things just because your opinion doesn't match with theirs. In most of the reply you've made to me or my previous post, you reply with offensive lines like:

    "you reply is uneducated full stop"

    "be a real dev and get your fingers out"

    "Only a fool accepts the means of spying"

    "you become part of the problem"

    Please, you will put off people from having a nice discussion. Either you learn from me or I learn from you. But if you're making this comments, it's really hard to make a statement with a sane mind.
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    @Rexzooly Is Windows, you can stop the keylogger if you want:


    Yes, it is a bad thing. But obviously they are doing so it can give you better suggestions. Do you want it? no. But a lot of other people wants it because they want their life to be automated.

    You can obviously create a closed network. But the reason the world right now is moving so fast is because all over the world we're sharing our knowledge. The reason Google can build AI's like deepmind, api.ai is because it has the data to do it.

    There's is bad sides of it. Many corporations will do it for money. For greed. The solution in my opinion is to track those companies and hunt them down. Make sure our data is not used for bad purposes.

    Creating is a closed network is as bad as a wall around the America.
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    @Rexzooly Also, you can stop MS from using P2P to share updates. When you're installing Windows 10 (maybe try in a VM?) if you select advanced options, it will show you every single data it's sharing and you can deselect every single one of them.
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    @Rexzooly ok looks like you can not have a discussion without calling others something bad. Good luck with your fight towards privacy.
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    @tahnik That VIDEO is damaging that does NOT stop key logging NO MS option turns off there logging and this as been shown MANY times OMG, please go research ALOT, get your own network software out of the dust and test your own OS yourself, The truth is right there NO MS option will never stop there tracking, they also added this same tracking in there old OS's last updates and there is NO option to run them off, its built in to there exe's and dll's the OS also requests new means of connections even after MS and other servcies by MS have been fully blocked, how do I know, I reasearched it, I watched others and then I did the same research on my own rig, and it's true.

    I even put my system on a network that logs EVERY connect and even connects blocked on the OS software level are still access the MS servers OS level as it was still connecting to them very same IP's and domains.

    There is means to start getting safe but we all need to take action now.
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    @tahnik I can't discuss with someone that is not educated enough to back there reasons up, you not giving me any real reply why all this data is needed to be taken, no terrorist pot as ever been stopped by data mining, compines don't fix bugs like there meant to with data mining so what is it why you believe its OK? small open source dev's don't need to mine data they let there users submit bug reports/ideas on how to fix the bug, new options also submitted, no user should be spied on at all, and I wont agree with anyone that feels the need to accept that.

    Data collection of someones day to day usage is wrong no matter how your sugar coat it.
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    Fun thing is that I'm (with opinions on this) right in between of @tahnik and @Rexzooly. I agree mostly with rexzooly as in what's happening in this world but I think tahnik is very much right with the posters attitude.

    I use a lot of privacy tools and the less closed source software the better. Nearly all communication softwares/services I use are fully encrypted and open as well. For logging, I actually do need that (service I'm creating) because if I don't do that, it will be catastrophic for users (alpha stage, can't figure out bugs with too vague descriptions). I try to anonymize the data though.

    Please don't call people all kinds of things though, I stand for privacy very much myself but I would never want to get hostile or anything.

    If you want to comment with hostility towards me, please don't. In no way I intend to be hostile myself.
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    To add, these are the tools I use:
    Linux (various distro's)
    Telegram for bots
    Libre office
    Firefox with loads of privacy addons.
    Tox for decentralized chats
    Android loaded with a firewall and App Ops and more privacy thingies.

    Works quite well tbh.
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    @linuxxx You reply was far and educated so I can't bark at it. There is times when testing something new you need to collect data but you collect what you need and like you said try your best to anonymize it. But look at the news right now, TV's PC's windows/mac and linux spying on you, But then false posts given to saying or this will let you fix it, but that post he provided is a lie, but people seem to not be willing to go out and research or even try it for them selves to see if these changes really have been made. When the truth and fact's are there and people fight for the big companies I get a little ticked off, yes I was little over the top with my replies but I not going to say sorry for that, more of us need to be pissed off so we can start doing something about it, I know the basic hardware or software to us but I not smart enough to bring it all to the public as I still only one person.I guess I want to see more open minded dev's rather then sticking with what we have
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    @linuxxx yeah, securing yourself with some tools is the perfect balance. I also use PIA vpn which works perfectly for me. I used to use Linux, but there's a lot of things I am doing requires Windows like Unreal engine development. Also, my hardware is quite high end, so i get more out of my hardware with Windows.
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    @linuxxx is Tox any good, I head there was some really bad holes in it when it first came out, not had time to reasech it as I don't really chat much online now, people want to talk to me they can come see me or I go see them lol

    I used many of them apps in the past but many are out of range for me at the moment, sadly my laptop wont accept Linux without almost blowing it up, power management and GFX both refuse to work right damaging the hardware slowly over time.

    I think the hardware we have windows mac or Linux all can be made safe with a middle man hardware/software things like a pi in the middle of your computer to any internet connection can start to help you, sadly VPN's are trying to cash in and most don't really keep you safe they have the same EULA's what make us unsafe in the first place.

    I have already started to look in to mesh and other alternative networking what is promising
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    @Rexzooly An actual non hostile comment, wasn't expecting that haha. Yeah I am pretty much a privacy freak. But I also understand how people don't care.

    I actually run a company myself (co owner) and we try to only use privacy friendly stuff (including no WhatsApp but my friend has gotten used to signal by now :P). For analytics we do use some stuff but all on our own server, certainly no Google analytics or so.

    I mostly agree with you and although I see why you talk the way you talk, a tip from my side is to try and explain it in a more simple and non threatening/hostile way :). (people won't want to talk to you like this I think, no offense though)

    But ye, I'm one of those people who try to do their best with privacy stuffs :).
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    I modified my Windows 10 install already, so I pretty much broke their data collection. I am constantly monitoring my network, and no data is sent back to Microsoft anymore.
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    @linuxxx This is why I been looking in to new network or mesh networking or middle man blocking/scrubbing/encrypting so the main OS is intact.

    I can get high strung but if they don't like it then I am on the right lines of I don't have time for them.

    I wont accept any reason for a OS to have almost 90% connection time to there creators, even if this information is only bits it adds up, this one one reason it was picked up on as many users in the world are still on meted data connections.

    Server analytics are needed at times depending on what your network does, I can't say I never needed them and I worked with many people and many networks but at the same time I see why it could be needed.

    But I can't care or accept the peoples view now where they don't care, it's got to a place in the world where we need to act.

    My home setup I am researching basic web like nodes what will mesh to others, I still not found a good means to then access the internet for GovWeb data but still looking
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    @filthyranter What mods have you done, most mods I done is after install what stops most of the telnetting but I do see some call backs to MS, no keylogging or updates but wont be long before they find ways about, also IP6 is a problem with windows there is NO ip6 blocking options what work OS level and can bypass all firewall records.

    I plan to use a pi to stop this but its finding a nice balance of working live internet and blocking all other traffic.
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    @Rexzooly Just bought a PIA subscription again by the way 😄
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    @linuxxx They been having problems with services I read at late, but I still testing VPN's there next to test, they do support P2P what I like.

    Just testing Hide at the moment what so far seems to fail a lot for me, think its a UI bug still buggy not equal good lol.
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    @Rexzooly What os do you use of I may ask?
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    @tahnik Fair enough! I do use some closed source software but I try to find alternatives mostly. I do refuse to use closed source os's though but hey, if windows works for you, fair enough :)
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    @linuxxx I have sadly on this Laptop since the power manager and GFX are not playing well with any linux distro at all, it has a locked down blocks everywhere windows 10, sadly it still has a few call homes but updates and most telnetting is blocked.

    Desktop is at the moment NO os, changing HDD, not sure witch flava of Linux I will go with, and we have another laptop what is a host of elementary OS but used for Tails OS via USB

    Phone OS well is a basic nokia none smart phone lol.

    I want away from Windows but at the moment playing Fallout 4 is not going to happen without windows and the list of faults with linux on this laptop is joke.

    I hoping I find a fix one day but so fair I tried all of them and none working right.

    Any good distro's what are not two big for there shoes to try?

    Also all MS sites part from xbox.com are blocked on my system and google is not used unless really have to, duckduckgo all the way.
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    @Rexzooly I'd simply recommend Mint. And yeah DDG all the way!! Do have a smartphone but spend shitloads of time to privacy protect everything haha
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    @linuxxx I have like 5 of them kicking about but I had bad habbits like forgetting how unsafe some apps could be so I stopped using them, I was going to change the OS but it seems the ones I have don't have custom roms let alone linux ports lol

    Mint also has the same problem on this laptop, I have the MSI GP62 some people fixed theres some didn't so I think there is more then one hardware revisions, I hate when companies lock our OS's for our hardware.
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    @Rexzooly Well, the registry is actually what you have to look into. Literally EVERYTHING is disableable. But be warned: The most important keys can not be changed when Windows is booted up.
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    @filthyranter That is a big problem and even if you have p2p off it can still update off another PC on the network, I use about 6 different programs to make sure there all on board with the changes, so my way is mostly the same as yours but mine is done after installing.
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