Was curious abut how painfu to work with and deploying .net core, asp.net core, blazor and xamarin are. I am currently learning c# and I have heard stuff such as ".net is a dumpster fire" and xamarin has had pretty negative reviews. Is that stuff true

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    not that I'm interested in the C# world, but I too wanna know this
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    I can tell you .net framework is pretty straight forward. The compiler takes a little bit of figuring out if you want to script it all. But it isn't bad. Can't speak for core or xamarin though.
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    Asp.net is pretty easy, but won't host itself, so you normally set up iis as your host environment, which can be a bear. It can be difficult to unit test since many of the lower level classes were not designed with testing in mind.

    Asp.net core works about the same as framework except will also host itself, which is pretty neat but makes you responsible for configuring the host in code. The framework itself is much more test-friendly, as well.
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    .net is a legacy trashfire, but .net core is awesome. And cross platform. And fast.
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