I like ubuntu, but the main problem is it doesnt give me the best battery backup, in windows 10 i get 4 hours, in ubuntu i am getting 1 hour, what is this, i am getting angry😡😡😡

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    Welcome to Linux
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    nVidia? Because probably nVidia.

    Their Linux support is atrocious, and specifically around your presumptive case: their Linux drivers don’t support dynamic power modes (or switching between cards) without a lot of effort, so their cards are always running at full power.
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    @Root yes, ofcourse it is happening like that
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    @Root Buy shit product from shit company and find out it sucks. That's why my Linux laptop is AMD only.
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    @kingRant Probably you might need more tinkering, but it is possible:


    ^^ with the cpupower package you can set (dynamically) power governors, saving in power consumption


    ^^ nvidia power management, basically tinker with options. Havent tried that yet though, but should be relatively easy
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    @HitWRight im into linux fr@NeatNerdPrime Thanks for your concerns, but i tries these they dont work.
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    @Fast-Nop My amd 4750g notebook runs sweeeeet on linux.
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    @AtuM Isn't 4750G a desktop processor? For mobile, you have the 4000U/H/HS series. I have a 4700U laptop with iGPU only, very nice.
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    @Fast-Nop Oh... right. Watched a video about 4750g for my micro pc to be - it was said that only oem can buy these. True there's "u" at the end on the notebook one.
    Never checked for the differences before. The u series requires different socket, has subtle differences but runs with 15w. I wish they made 15w cpu for desktop. 35w is the lowest which is great too.
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    @AtuM Yeah, AMD has basically abandoned the retail market except for high end gaming. Out of their current 5000 desktop series, 8 out of 12 are OEM only, and the 5000G series will also be OEM only. AMD claiming "later" retail release actually means "never", as seen in the 4000G.

    If you want to build a simple machine for good value and with integrated graphics, AMD doesn't want you as customer anymore. They leave that market to Intel alone.
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    @Fast-Nop Really strange. Enthusiasts kept amd alive through the tough times. They could totally dominate the embedded word if they wanted to.
    I can also understand the sweet taste of beating Intel in the oem world. Since I know that Intel made secret deals with some oems to not let amd into the reliability server section. Amd never before had such a good proposition of notebook apus in regard to intel who is used to all the oem attention.
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    @AtuM It's not the only domain where AMD is in retreat. Discrete GPUs are even worse. In 2020, AMD's GPU production dropped massively while Nvidia increased them (yes, despite 'rona). Sure, everything is sold out, but AMD actually ramped down production and found themselves on a historical low in market share, to the point where you can say they abandoned also the GPU market (except in YT presentations).

    Speaking of laptops - AMD's market share actually dropped in Q4/2020 because they cannot deliver. They can't even tell when they deliver how much to whom. The manufacturers only know once the delivery arrives. It's a totally unprofessional shit show.

    That's why the AMD share on the stock market went down considerably after the hype in mid-2020. The stock market had hoped AMD would deliver, and they cannot. AMD will never be more than the 20% company because now they find out that good tech isn't enough to be a big player, and AMD is lacking all the rest.
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    @Fast-Nop I totaly agree. It seems they will never learn. Intel will eventually get back in the saddle. But by then the riscV migh actually become one of the serious architectures. As long as we profit by getting better machines, I don't care much who has the best cpu of the moment.
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    Welcome to the OS which still doesn't know hardware acceleration exists for video playback.
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    @kingRant I meant. It's a common occurance that something is inferior in Linux. Although I love it and continue to daily drive it, the lack of support from some companies are really eyes opening. A lot of documentation are behind a paywall and simple users can't exactly get on top of power management, when they are reverse engineering stuff just to make it work.
    Since it's part of life and an educational step everyone makes, I greet you brother.
    (A lot of software works better on Linux though)
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    @HitWRight I dislike the sentence that Linux is inferior.

    What's true is that Windows is the logical choice for drivers as the API never changes.

    Logical choice as money dictates what is logical - not common sense.

    Inferior is just the typical human greed.

    Looking at blogs related to driver reverse engineering the sad truth is that the windows drivers aren't superior. Quite the opposite - it's sometimes a miracle that they work cause they're so cludgy.

    It has nothing to do with Linux itself to put it out bluntly. It's just a question of money.
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    @Fast-Nop Same. I got 6 hours in windows (Had to run it once to update bios cause fuck you acer and wanted to check battery life) and i get easy 7-8 hours in linux. Thats with everything disabled.

    Gotta love the ability to just turn off an entire GPU in laptop on linux. And since 5.13 it does it dynamically on my polaris based laptop. So even better.
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    @NoToJavaScript Im sorry but what ? What year are you in ? We have HA for video since good 2016. Was it sketchy and hacky to make it work ? Sure it was but it worked. But anybody with a little bit of linux experience knew about it and since 2017 it was normal thing to go to firefox and change 1 config and force enable it.
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    @Haxk20 Even apart from that, I would prefer 6 hours under Linux to 8 hours with Windows. The only reason why I use Windows at all is because they give me money for doing so.
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    @Fast-Nop Hold up. They pay you for using windows ? Mate that sounds like prison and torture. :P
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    @Haxk20 Even worse, they also expect me to do something useful with Windows. BUT! you have to embrace the suck because without it, someone would be doing it for free just for fun.

    Buddha knew all of this 2500 years ago, that life means pain with being trapped in an eternal cycle of stupid file explorer crashes, printer problems, and useless updates. But he also said, those who break free can't just install Linux and call it a day - they have a duty to help others who are still in the world of illusions. He called it "Maya", but it's actually about DirectX.
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    @Fast-Nop hahahhahahahahahahha i love the story there.
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    Heh, angry linux peasants blaming everybody but themselves.
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    @Root my dell has nVidia gpu and I can confirm that. Tried to resolve it, but no luck there. The thing is that I would rather have 1 hour on linux than 4 on windows.

    I am 4x productive when I don't have to do random os-related shenanigans like changing global variables and shit!
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    When this whole thread comes down to:

    Windows: it just works, until it doesn't.

    Linux: fuck it in the ass, it'll work eventually.

    Nuff said.
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    @C0D4 + Every OS suxxx.
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    @IntrusionCM I'm sorry that you don't like it, but the sad truth is that Linux IS inferior, when it comes to device support. There is a thing like checking parts compatibility to a Linux machine. There are CPUs like Ryzen 1st gen that still has failed to support C6 state.
    The ecosystem it has. The toolchains. The general support when something is broken. Those parts are superior.
    I love Linux, but sometimes it's a harsh Mistress
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    Install pop os. Turn off fucking nvidia. Now, you are good to go and don't ever by nvidia optimus Laptop if you want to run linux in it
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    @HitWRight you have either not read my message or you didn't get the message.

    If you love Linux - don't put the blame on Linux for what is simply a clusterfuck of hardware manufacturers.

    HW manufacturers ship Windows drivers of inferior quality. This isn't a myth, e.g. look at Windows 10 improvements in isolation and tracing in WDF.

    Buggy BIOSes and e.g. ASPM tables which built up or rely on the buggy drivers.

    A few good examples are e.g. on the freedesktop.org blog, specifically Hans De Goede (https://hansdegoede.livejournal.com/...) describes in great detail how much pain is involved in bringing craptastic driver / bios architecture alive.

    Linux is a kernel. They cannot magically fix devices which are shipped with buggy firmware / bios and they cannot mimic faulty behaviour implemented in windows _just to support the device_.

    Please. Get this straight. It's an annoying topic but Linux isn't at fault here. Quite the opposite actually.

    If you want another example with a long shitty history, just take a look at the quirks tables inside the Linux kernel.

    E.g. this one just for USB HID:

    Yes. Linux struggles with a lot of devices. HW manufacturers struggle with the Linux kernel community as they value clean code. Supporting one OS is easy for a manufacturer as they can just shit out their usual crap. Staying away from crap and supporting multiple OSes would be expensive, hence they don't do it.

    A good reminder of a very long battle between AMD and Linux:
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    one word: powertop
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    @IntrusionCM I don't blame Linux. Mostly I blame manufacturers. My point is that you must research hardware before buying it. And that part is because you're not following a single OS.
    And if you want to argue whether I can call Linux inferior because of whether they alone are responsible for one thing or another... It's another subject all together. When we say Welcome to Linux, we mean the ecosystem that surounds it and not GNU/Linux kernel...
    And trust me it's part of the ecosystem... Linux ecosystem is not nice for the end user.
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