Why are there no good file managers for Linux?

Come to think of it, why are there no good file managers that aren't Windows Explorer?

All I want is a good breadcrumb bar (editable), customizability, basic functions such as permanent delete, open folder with, etc, and built in zip reading. Is that too much to ask?

Currently I use the elementary OS one (works a bit better than the default nautilus) but it lacks a ton of basic functionality and there's pretty much no customization.

Please someone make a usable file manager for Linux. Ugh

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    Best file manager is bash
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    ls -l
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    I use dolphin and I like it. Much more customizable than Nautilus. All the file managers I've used do permanent deletion with shift+del, so I see no reason to add it to the toolbar or context menu. Also, built in zip function with right click.

    Idk about "open folder with", is it like opening a project folder with a good text editor? For most things I'd still use a terminal anyway.
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    @teganburns He doesn't like the existing ones, yo. That's kinda what he said.
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    Midnight commander.

    Basically a linux port of the old norton commander from windows.

    Its text but still as good as ever.
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    Double commander, the awesomness, if u Åre coming from win totalcommander / Norton commander
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    Dolphin is the best file manager out there.

    Just try it with an OPEN MIND
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    For Windows the best file manager is Directory Opus, hands down.
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    plz, try : ranger
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    Personally I prefer Nautilus (latest GNOME version), and would like to see something of the sort on Windows. Apparently that's an unpopular opinion among Linux users though.
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    @AssadBinTahir @Lucas22 I've tried dolphin before, and it seems a bit heavyweight as well as being Qt-based (I use GNOME) and looks really ugly.
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    Well i find it most beautiful

    Try kde 5.8 and experience the dolphine
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    Try ranger
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    Elementary OS has the worst file manager I've seen (no search function!). But there's plenty of good linux file managers and finder is also good.
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    @grublle lol, finder is probably the worst one I've used. Search isn't something I really need in a file manager, they usually do it to poorly that I use another app for it.
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    @TheInitializer It's such a deal breaker for me, it is probably why I use Ubuntu GNOME and no Elementary.

    What's the problem with finder?
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    @grublle no nav bar at all
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