Passed my AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate with 919/1000! 🎉

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    Awesome job
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    Congratulations, now you can extort and dry our customers and kill nature worldwide for the richest asshole on earth with peak efficiency.

    I'm sorry, congratz on you, but amazon is an evil on earth.
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    @JustThat honestly, yes. Because it is a indirect way of approving their business model and thus indirectly agreeing with what they do. I do get it, it's fast, convenient, well engineered, readily available, "cheap" and no need to worry about the metal. But in my honest opinion, you are in cahoots with evil incarnate.

    It is perhaps not the business-smart way, but I have my own metal, my own machines and just use a local Colo hosting company that does not strife for world domination but sustainability and as ecological as possible. It's hard at first and it is a steep build process, but my conscience is clear.
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