tl;dr Yes, we know the standard for RAM is getting higher; no, that doesn't mean you can increase your app's RAM usage for no good reason.

Homemade, terrible comic.

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    ++ for the comic which made me smile :)
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    That comic is GOLD! xDxD
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    I don't get it. Why does this increase RAM usage?
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    "no good reason" is highly subjective. Are "faster development", "cheaper development", "easier development" and so on "good" reasons?
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    @Jop- I would claim that it is the responsible mindset. Every software company must choose right tools for their job. Programming backend in assembler for a year instead of writing it in Java in a week just because instead of few gigabytes it would consume e.g. 10% when few gigs of memory of VPS even after years of running will be nothing compared to those bills for developing for months in assembly language. It is irresponsible to not choose right tool for the job, even when the result is not "most" optimal in memory usage. Price (time) is a very important factor.
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