I'm considering switching to a tiling windows manager. The main thing drawing me back is that in my job we work a lot on each others computers (helping, debugging, pair programming...).
Will using a tiling WM make my workspace hard to use for somebody else ? It would be disqualifying

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    Interesting question. Looking forward to the answers. :)
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    I use i3 and love it but there is a bit of a learning curve to it which could make it difficult for someone else to use it.
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    If you leave a note with the shortcuts to open dmenu/rofi and switch workspaces it should be usable.
    Maybe an A4 sheet with shortcuts in groups (ranked in usefulness)?
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    I use i3 on one of my laptops. It was a bit hard at the beginning but after a day or two you start loving it. Very useful to work with servers I must say.
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    I found i3 shortcuts really natural. I only needed cheatsheet for one workday. Now I would never switch back to any other WM. Having said that, make sure you understand that you can have multiple WMs inatalled and switch between them whenever you want. Someone who doesn't know how to use i3 can simply use the non tiling WMs :)
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    Thank you all for your answers :) I may try tiling for myself, but keep cinnamon for work !
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    I use i3, then start GNOME in-session if I need to.
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