Damn macOS why is there no soundmixer? I can choose: all silent (music and sounds of the app im working on) or not. Why cant i set volunes for differend Programms?

Hear differend

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    Many basic obvious features are missing in macos. I don't understand how anyone can call it user friendly.
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    @HoloDreamer Right, at my old job I had to work a bit with mac OS and always found things less intuitive, and in some cases just completely impossible without a 3rd party plugin. That using Windows primarily now, it still leaves a bit to be desired, just less than mac OS.
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    I use a Mac myself but after switching from Windows I really miss these "simple" features that should've been in MacOs by now.
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    Ye so annoying, i rage every day when i need to work with the crapmac everyday i find a new missing feature i know from win
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    I was a long time windows/linux (linux fanboy) user before switching to macOS in 2014, got a shiny new macbook pro from my company and was quite happy to have a *nix based OS without the struggle of linux desktop users. Now after 3 years of working with macOS I wish a had a time machine go back slap myself in the face and say get a fucking thinkpad you idiot ...
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