Devs complaining about the automated test system cuz it reports errors all the time are like trapeze artists complaining about the safety net cuz it hurts when you hit the ropes.

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    Before automated Selenium tests:
    Need to write the actual code and test before pushing.

    After automated Selenium tests:
    Need to write the actual code. Need to update Selenium tests. Need to test before pushing.
    Need to debug Selenium tests.

    Tests are code too!
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    I'd rather complain about Sonar being too anal about everything because it was put in the pipeline and left with its default settings (meaning thousands of errors/warnings/code smells originating from ./node_modules/ alone).
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    Selenium sucks most of the time.
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    I'm liking Cypress as a way to avoid Selenium
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    I complain about the tests only when people put snapshots around like icing on a cake 🤣

    They can be very useful, but they don’t test for edge cases!
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    It is nice for botting though...
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    @Oktokolo I've never used it to do that, but I've had to use it to scrap a few sites. It feels more natural to use it like that than use it to test.
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