Everyone talks about crappy categories of user on Stackoverflow - help vampires, rep whores, etc. - but the category of "people who don't care about the stupid mind games, politics or internet points and just want to help others" is so small people apparently don't even think it can exist.

I mean sheesh, I answer on there in my free time to just lend a hand to people, usually in a couple of niche tags that have very little info elsewhere, even for beginners. Of course there's questions that are beyond salvaging and just random homework dumps, but the majority are from genuinely confused users who simply don't know the correct terms to search for.

A question is not inherently evil just because its asker has misunderstood a key concept.

I'm not even asking you to help the poor sods, I'm just asking you to allow me to help without calling me a rep whore or a moron who'd be better talking to bots on reddit 🙄

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    @AtuM Because it was frustrating me, and I used this platform as an outlet for my developer-related frustrations :-)
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    thats because stackoverflow is no longer about answering questions or getting help. redundancy happens, and everyones feelings aren't special.

    few topics are really supposed to be taboo and language nazis flock to stackoverflow I noticed and nitpick.

    makes little sense as most things people ask on these platforms are obsoleted in a few years.
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    @AtuM because its fricking frustrating being censored and corrected on one of the most commonly used forums when you just want an answer ! Most especially when sometimes the reason you get censored make about as much sense as fat ugly lesbians calling all men mysoginists !
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