Boss was in India demoing an app I wrote from scratch, minus a printer feature I insisted was necessary. Get a call from my boss: “I don’t need you to tell me you told me so, I need a printer and supporting functionality”

Being a dev in South Africa (at the time) meant that availability wasn’t the best. I drove out to a supplier, got the required hardware (on personal funds) and wrote the library. Had it all done and updated in 24 hours.

My boss refused to pay for the printer or give me any time in lieu. Started looking for jobs the same day.

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    I mean it s your printer, just take it back to the hardware store, and fuck those guys
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    If you bought the hardware you no longer need and are still within the return window, then return it and get the refund.
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    Yeah South African companies back then weren’t so keen on refunding specialised tech - especially when it’s been used. I got 75% of my money back
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    If only his wanker was as big as his ego
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    i was about to praise the boss from being human and already realizing his mistake regarding "told you so" for the printer but in the next para he come off as a true shit hole. good for you, people that don't respect hardwork deserve humiliations
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    Which year was this?
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