Watching nature recycle itself into precise movements of insects and birds in the same places over the years because humans are doing EXACTLY the same things over those years, yet again, makes me feel like i'm in a damn simulator where some logic issue is causing everything to loop.


kind of like that.
except in the sense that tons of people moving about in scheduled lives is creating a continuous circle we're all getting caught in that is spreading out and animal life and even weather are in sync with it.

and it never used to be this way until a group of fucked up sadists decided to make it this way.

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    noone comments on the sensible ones i note.
    they just drift about in unconsciousness colored a little rosy or a little dark by how they accept the constant repetitive inputs in their environment.
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    the brain is like an integrated circuit, really is.
    electric in, electric out.
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    And speaking of behaviors
    Driving someone around from point a to point b by being assholes doesn’t actually do anything but make what happens anyway when the same fuckwads go with the flow and willfully make themselves stupidly crazy just more unpleasant !
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    I know the sensation they’re following
    After they say something willfully enough they just start doing it as if it’s natural so it draws them to the same conversant points
    Which reinforcing their social environment becomes circular

    They could choose to actually engage someone in a non harrassing or stupid way and thus restore some unique activities to the world but instead they do the circle of feigned sophistication
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    And as you can see I keep encountering very similar things

    And they’re nuts
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    Just like those comments got pluses before
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