!rant Planning on writing a document editor in Electron for linux as I believe the lack of these tools is why a lot of users dont use linux despite its awesomeness. Opinions ?

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    Hmm I really want to be like "yay good idea!" but going to be honest here :P. The editors I use in Linux are easy enough to use for even my parents: Gedit, Geany, Leafpad..

    BUT, if you would like to make a text editor in Electron, go and do it!! You might learn stuff! And please share afterwards and maybe invent new thingys in that editor? 😊
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    @linuxxx Actually I was thinking more on the lines of office use. Geany and all are programming editors. In that space sublime, vim, emacs, atom already exist.
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    I wouldn't consider using Electron, because it's slow and produces large executables. Why not Qt? I don't know your tech stack but Qt is a great choice if you want to go cross-platform.
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    @xecute Oohhh fair enough!
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    @kpenc I am not sure if large size is a problem. MS word is huge too but people use it. Using electron gives a lot of goodness of JS and libraries for a modern UI.
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