I don't know what to chose.

The fact that for three months, I had to design a 16-page catalog, when I have no experience and my job is web development;

The fact that I have to do SEO for the site, but that means for my boss that for a one-page long text, we have to find at least 60 (sixty! ) times the occurrences of the keywords;

The fact that when I finally have something interesting to do, the boss finds that it doesn't go fast enough and decide to drop the project even if making a whole new dynamic stock system with the db we have is something hard and long to do;

The fact that when I come to work five minutes late, my boss is at the verge on screaming on me, even if I come ten minutes early every other day;

The fact that when I'm coding, I need concentration, I don't need the boss to give me the phone to answer customers, stop everything I am doing and explain them what products we are selling;

The fact that I am paid the minimum wage for a trainee, and when there's no coffee anymore, we have to buy some ourselves because "you drink way too much coffee, you understand" (three a day, sorry for wanting to stay awake);

The fact that I have asked for one year how many days of vacation I still had, and the only answer they gave to me yet was: "Oh, we have to ask the accountant". I still don't know how many days I have left;

The fact that the site is made only by trainees since the beginning, so circa 2008, and the code is horrible but "it works, so don't touch it". The admin part is in CodeIgniter, the front in laravel 4.2, there are a lot of useless code but we can't touch it because the boss doesn't think it is worth the time.

I almost made a burn-out last year, my doc saw my state right before and made me stop for a week. I still have to work there 'till end of august, then I will have my diploma and find another company to work with. Now, I check everyday on my calendar.

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    I think you used the wrong tag, as you wrote wk29, instead of wk39
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    @Supernerd damn you're right. I feel stupid now ^^
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    OMG that sounds so awful ... hope you find a better job soon. Especially one with flexible work time, 5 minutes late and troubles with the boss ... time to say FU and goodbye :)
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    I think you need to find a job where you feel respected. Don't be afraid to go out and seek something better. Find something where you're actually enjoying the learning and feeling challenged in your day-to-day tasks/projects.

    If three cups of coffee is too expensive, you can't afford to hire technical talent.

    Happy Valentine's Day!
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    @GrecianGoddess thanks, I am already sending letters for september, when the contract ends :) that's what I am looking for, challenges!
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    Meanwhile, do what I did. Put on an "I don't care, I just do as I'm told" attitude and go zombie mode through the day. Whenever you get some extra time experiment or refactor some of that "don't touch" code for kicks and giggles.
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