As if Angular 2 wasn't bad enough..

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    Nice one. But it seems as your screenshot tool has a weird "let it look like a picture taken with a camera" filter on
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    @incrholg That's because it's taken by a camera :p
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    Anyone moved to "React" after all these breaking changes from 1.x to 2.x and more ?

    I did.

    I don't know if I made a right choice, time will tell! 😏
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    @kscript Please tell me how it is compared to Angular. I refuse to use React because of its ToS, but I'm curious whether people generally consider it better or worse.
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    @derTuca I don't think I'm there yet to compare these two frameworks. I have done many projects in Angular 1, they all have performed good.

    Working on react project now, I'll be able to answer your question in some weeks I guess.
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