I started coding after getting into college and was overwhelmed with so many people around me who were already pretty good at it. Slowly I started learning things on my own, getting few internships to apply those skills and built few small projects. Managed to get a dev full time job, spent the last few months learning Spring MVC and Spring Boot. When I now look back, I definitely feel I've walked few miles, although there's still a lot to learn. I once doubted whether I can be any good in the dev world as my peers were bagging good jobs/internships but now it certainly feels that I can move ahead in this path which I liked so much. Yes, programming is stressful and painful sometimes. The learning curve is steep but if this is what excites you, go for it! Spend few months training yourself and then applying what you have learnt. Just, never give up! You can do wonders!
Oops, was I supposed to rant here? That is of course necessary. You can't imagine a dev life without rants but let that be for another post.

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