My work gave me three laptops because not one of them can access all the resources I need. So I have to balance my workflow around these three machines.

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    This is something I haven't heard of

    What exactly requires more than one machine? Apart from the situation where you may have one from your Employer and the one from your Client IT team
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    @asgs could be that he needs to have multiple vpn tunnels open and client side vpn do mot usually have support for multiple concurrent tunnels.
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    > We need to move everything on kubernetes clusters

    > Do you know what kubernetes really is?

    > Yeah, take these 3 laptops!
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    Distributed computing gone wrong
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    The perfect reason to use synergy. I already use multiple machines out of desire too.
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    This is bullshit.

    I had a similar issue - supporting clients requires a full tunnel VPN. I get around that by using a proxy machine. the full tunnel cannot disable the lan (vpn traffic flows through the default gateway). So - use a vm to vpn, and ssh into it from your laptop on the same network. Then add ssh port forward ftw.
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    Damn having 3 machines is kinda cool too...
    I just have one laptop and I know how expensive these get
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    I have a similar problem but with 2 laptops (main work station is a macbook, but i have a dell latitude for a c# project no1 else wanted to take on)

    it really is a pain - cant imagine juggling between 3 😅
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    Never had the issue to this extreme, but I do now have to use a Intel MacBook Pro and an M1 MacBook Pro. Most of the time we have systems running on Parallels!
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