I consider just strangling somebody because iOS14 fucked all legacy Google Cardboard SDK apps overnight.

8 months already, still can't get all my old apps to work, for a thousand reasons.

If I didn't know better, I'd sue somebody. But it's apple, and I'm not Epic, so fuck me.

"Ohh dude why dontya just rewrite your apps to support Unity XR? hurr durr easy peasy lol so cheesy"
I'm tryin, but it's so underdeveloped and featureless, that I need to rewrite and create everything, and in some cases I can't because old apps had many dependencies. I am porting all my prefabs for hundreds of unpaid hours over the last 3 quarters already, and keep getting stuck.

Today I just extended an 8th deadline set by my clients. Each of those are exponentially more explosive and demotivating. It's not just the question of losing money for them - some of their careers depend on these apps I had made. (Long story, but it's exactly like that)

WHAT HAPPENED TO MAINTAINING LEGACY SUPPORT?!?! Nobody asked anyone to deprecate perfectly well working gyro/accel api on all <5 year old iPhones overnight TIM.

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    Don't they send notifications for this kind of shit months before they do it you can tell them not to do it Because reasons?

    You can't be the only one with this problem, unless you created the problem yourself.
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    @mundo03 iOS 14 beta had this bug reported, but it was ignored. Nope, I'm not alone.
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    @SortOth gather people, create some noice, fuck apple.
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    For every iOs update and xCode update there are many project which fail to build and compile. I’m not a iOS dev. But i have build some forms to enter data and submit via webservice. Simple right? I’ve just used Eureka and barcode scanner library. But noooooo. The code won’t compile.
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    thats apple for you.
    think different (insert seinfeld pun theme here)
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    Tim Apple 😂
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    I believe it's up to Google to talk Apple into fixing it, but even Google itself has been neglecting Cardboard these days. The official Android Cardboard app doesn't even support modern tall aspect ratios.
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