* Driving... Thinking about code.
* Walking... Thinking about code.
* Lying down... Thinking about code.
* Sitting down... Thinking about code.
* Eating... Thinking about code.
* Conversating... Thinking about code.
* Praying... Thinking about code.
* Partying... Thinking about code.
* Pooing... Thinking about code.
* Bathing... Thinking about code.
* Eyes closed... Thinking about code.
* Eyes open... Thinking about code.

Genie... I think you already know my wish.

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    * Dead ... Thinking of code
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    * Coding..... Thinking about the whole wide world
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    Your wish is to get burned out?
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    @Cyanide it’s the opposite
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    While having Sex ...... Thinking About Code
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    @nanobot I thought that's where this was going. Lol
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    When actually coding - wondering if penguins have knees
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    @bvego They do btw, and their skeletons are in a squatting position. If a penguin was ever to stand up, they would become twice as tall and like half of the animal would be leg.
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    Praying ... thinking about code

    These are mutually exclusive, my friend.

    If there was a God or any other entity that created us, there is no freaking way there are no day-breaking bugs every couple of hours. 👌
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    @piratefox how can you tell if you're also part of the code?
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    @GiddyNaya I started this as a joke, but let me tell you this comment is a very valid point of view!

    Let’s say that the fact entropy can only increase is a bug (and it’s a pretty big one, we are talking infinite loop / bsod one) ... how could we know? For us it’s just how the world works!

    Or even the fact light acts both as particle and wave, maybe it’s just a bug!
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    (Also dear God/matrix/galactic developer/whatever if you exist and that is actually the explanation to either one or both the things, please don’t kill me/wipe my memory, thanks!)
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