Do you work at a company where your manager plays high volume music or are you normal?

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    I'm normal.
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    @AlmondSauce someone should tell him this isn't helping us to focus :(
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    We all play high volume. Sometimes, if we can decide on a genre, we play it through the whole company building!

    It’s fun (most of the time)
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    @someone2 Yeah, it's fine if everyone is on board and it helps them work, otherwise it's just rude imho.
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    @someone2 well that is your job, tell him.

    You can do it yourself, manipulate someone to do it for you, organize a mutiny.

    For instance, make all victims order expensive noise isolation headsets paid by the company and explain there is too much noise around your manager's desk.
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    This is fckn terrible. What an annoying prick of a boss lets someone be the „loser“ to go tell hin to stfu. These are the people that louldy talk in the cinema or munch on a big greasy burger in the subway.
    I would invest in some nice headphones and give it to him. Every time he plays his ego on volume I tell him how sad I am hes not using the headphones I gave him :,(
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    Demand WFH and tell him you cant concentrate at work. He either allows you to go or buys himself headphones, this prick.
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    I’m manager
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    It's odd, must disturb the work of all of you. Somedays I like to listen rock, pop, jazz, reggae, psy, its is love 10hours, each one has yours preferences, call your coworkers to discuss whether or not the best for the productivity of you all
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