Today was the first time I told a rude interviewer off. Feels pretty good. Fuckwad kept cutting me off with “Shut up and just answer my question”. Nope. Not taking that shit my good sir.

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    I'd probably say do you mean "shut up OR answer the question", right before I walk out
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    @mundo03 for a dev job, unless you will deal with customers or business partners frequently, it's a HUGE red flag.

    Assuming you will not deal a lot with external human resources:

    Either it means they are testing you to know if you can deal with the multitude of assholes in the company, which is bad in itself.
    The interviewer is just an asshole, disrespects you and it's not a test.

    In that case, run OP!
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    @mundo03 anybody ready to take abuse for a job is a selfish asshole who's spoiling it for everyone else. Interviewers have been known to integrate highly manipulative and damaging psychological techniques. There should be an ethical code around that.
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    @mundo03 I have good emotion control and if anybody threat me like that I would calmly but firmly proceed to harm the aggressor back in every way available to me.
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    @mundo03 I’ve been a recruiter for half a decade and I can say with absolute confidence that stress interviews are fundamentally retarded and there’s zero scientific basis in their efficacy.

    Tolerating shitty behavior doesn’t make you a better worker on any type of job. On the contrary, the best employees “fix” shitty behavior and make the workplace better.

    If you believe in stress interviews you’re either an idiot or an asshole. There is no alternative.
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    @mundo03 That would have been an appropriate test for enforcement/investigation type jobs.
    I doubt @hasedram was interviewing for such a job.

    And even for customer-facing roles, that would be extreme (speaking as someone who worked in retail).
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    @mundo03 fuck that dude, when is that ever needed for being a code monkey
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    @mundo03 I can never tell without the /s :-p

    Well unless it's blatant trolling
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    @mundo03 If tell him to fuck off, too.
    I’ve put up with enough abuse in my life already.

    If someone willingly and intentionally treats someone else like shit, they deserve a high five to the face with a freaking chair. Not cool!
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    @Root it's only fair if the chair has nails on it and if it is burning during the process of bitch slapping the interviewer
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    @Root totally agree, but I think they deserve aggression back too.
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    @mundo03 what's sacarsm?
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    @ostream a deprecated npm package.
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    Sounds to me he has no clue what he's talking about and is just trying to get answers to a preset number of questions because that's all he is able to do
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    @ostream your butt is sarcadm
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    @mundo03 i never tried sarcadm. I like xfce
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    @ostream it has very good user interface but very poor user experience, not everyone get it.
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    @ostream fuck that got me good lmao
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    Please report this person to their company - just tweet them or something, because that is unacceptable
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    @arcsector oh I emailed the HR within the hour, told them I’m not interested anymore because they can’t find interviewers with decent manners. I doubt it’d make a difference. Schmucks like this are usually narcissistic tools who surround themselves with people who think they can do no wrong and he’ll likely convince them it was just another disgruntled interviewee.
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